Tis the season to sleep well!

Jack frost has arrived and that can only mean one thing…Christmas is around the corner! Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it’s lovely to spend some time with family and friends, especially as last Christmas this was much more difficult to do (Thanks a bunch Covid-19!). 

You might be wondering how to keep your baby, toddler’s or child’s sleep good over the festive season, with potentially a lot of days out and travelling to see loved ones, so here are our top tips to keep your child sleeping well!

The main culprits to spring board you back into inconsistent sleep is travelling (car/train/plane etc) or spending time with family and friends. 

Just a note to say…If your child isn’t already sleep trained/sleeping well, over the christmas period probably is NOT the time to start, unless you are staying at home for 1-2 weeks. 

If they are, then let’s see how to keep that precious sleep good!


If you are travelling, it’s a great idea to time your journey over a nap time. While a car or pushchair nap isn’t ideal to do all the time, it will certainly make the journey much less stressful and ensure that they get some good rest before spending some quality time with people. You don’t want to arrive with a cranky child, who then won’t have a nap because they are so excited and stimulated! If you are travelling by train or bus then I would recommend travelling over nap time and using a snoozeshade to ensure you have given them the best sleep environment possible while on the go.


Set clear expectations with family and friends, they are usually very understanding! If you are planning meals out or little visits, time them for during your child’s awake time so you can either do naps back in a cot, or again, travel over the nap times. You want to make sure that not too many naps in a row are “on the go” as then this will become the new norm, and getting them back in the cot will take some real effort!


Take a travel cot if your child is still in a cot, and make it as familiar as possible. Use their sleep sack (if using) or take a familiar blanket/comforter if your child is old enough. Remember those portable blackout blinds too!


If you are sharing a room with baby, try and partition it with a big blanket (placed well away from their sleeping area) so baby has their own “bedroom”.


If you have a toddler or older child, try taking a travel bed (Ready-Beds are excellent!) and set clear expectations and keep your routine the same as it is at home. 


Most of all, ENJOY your time away. don’t stress too much, keep as much of your routine as possible and remember to have a nice time. 


**Now, I probably don’t need to remind you that COVID is currently affecting the entire world right now and many places still have travel and social restrictions in place, including full-on lockdowns in some cities. 

So this article will only apply to you if you’re actually allowed to travel and/ or go to see your loved ones over the holidays. 

Please make sure to follow your government’s guidelines and rules.

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