SLEEPYTIME Newborn Sleep guide

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0 to 12 Weeks

This is not a sleep training package but provides you with some good sleep “hygiene” tips. This will include learning about normal healthy sleep patterns for a baby in their first few months of life, how to prevent overtiredness and  overstimulation and guidance on naps. This guide will encourage you to have the newborn cuddles that every parent should enjoy, while giving you the confidence to establish healthy sleeping habits for your baby.



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0 to 3 Years

This is your essential guide to understanding better nap and sleep times for your little one. Lots of people ask about nap times and how they change as your baby develops. This guide is designed to give you lots of information, along with examples of napping schedules, plus handy tips which will be helpful when settling your baby. This is the perfect follow on to the successful Sleepytime Newborn Sleep Guide. 


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