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Come shop with us! Below you can find a selection of Sleepytime recommended sleep products for baby, toddler and yourself. This is essentially your one stop shop for all things not just sleep related, but also including bath time, on the go travel accessories, nursery, feeding & weaning, coughs & colds and not forgetting potty training. 

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White Noise Machines

Using white noise can be a helpful tool in preventing early wakes or short naps. Always ensure you use them with the safe level of volume and place them away from baby cot.

Sleepytime Top Pick – myHummy Simon

“Part of our family, the white noise device can be removed and placed on a shelf, and the mobile app is easy to use with a choice of noises (including brown and pink noise too), a sleep sensor and time modes”


For naps on the go and travelling I highly recommend Snoozeshade which is a breathable mesh device that can go over your pushchair, travel cot or car seat. They are an essential for naps on the go! Click here and use promo code STSLEEP for 10% off

Sleepytime Top Pick – SnoozeShade +Deluxe (6m+)
“Great for all seasons, for keeping the light out and reducing external stimulation- resulting in better naps when out and about or travelling”

Potty Training

Is your little one showing signs of readiness for potty training? Check out these items to help you on your journey, and for more advice the Sleepytime Potty Training Guide is here to help you 

Sleepytime Top Pick – Hey Duggee Potty Badge Book

“Everyone needs a Hey Duggee Badge!”

Bath Time

Splish, splash! with some fantastic products, and don’t forget the bubbles!

Sleepytime Top Pick – Digi Duckling Water Thermometer

“Still going strong after 2 years of baths, and flashes when too hot”


It doesn’t matter if you are breast or bottle feeding, you are covered with this great selection to start you off.

Sleepytime Top Pick – Elvie Breast Pump

“This was an absolute game changer. No cables, easy to use once you get the hang of it and no-one even can tell you have the pump in place as it sits neatly in your bra.”


All of these have been tried and tested, and majority still in use in the Sleepytime Sleep household, with great success.

Sleepytime Top Pick – Tripp Trapp Adjustable High Chair

“A great investment that is adjustable as your little grows, upto +8 years!”

On The Go

Whether it’s a day out or weekend stop over, ensure that you are equipped to make your life easier will make that trip more enjoyable. 

Sleepytime Top Pick – BabyBjorn One Carrier

“Light and versatile, carry on the front, back or even side, facing inwards or outwards”

Nursery & Bedroom

Some great items to kit out the nursery, blackout, dimmable night lights, hangers for clothes, and shelves for the books. Remember to keep the room simple and not over stimulating.

Sleepytime Top Pick – A close one between the Tommee Tippee GroEgg and the Angelcare 3 in 1 system 

“Both are great in allowing you to monitor the environment, and your loved one.”

Colds & Coughs

No one likes to see their child suffer, so make sure you are prepared. Calpol and Nurofen must NOT be used for newborns, and ALWAYS read the label before administering any medication of any kind.

NOTE: Sleepytime Sleep is not providing you with medical advice. ALWAYS seek professional medical help if you are concerned about your baby or childs health. 

Sleepytime Top Pick – Tommee Tippee No Touch Thermometer

“Simple to use, and with no need for skin contact.”

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