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Sleepytime works with your family closely and is with you every step of the way until you reach your sleep goals. Here are what people have to say about working with Rebecca. You can check out loads more reviews on our Facebook Page, via the Facebook app.

Baby boy sleeping peacefully on couch at home in the living room
She definitely knows what she is doing...

"The best decision I have ever made was working with Rebecca. After about 2 months of my son constantly waking up every night for his dummy or just to see me I was at my limit of sleeplessness nights with no idea what else to do, until I came across Rebecca. I was very skeptical in the beginning, but I now have a baby who sleeps through every night with no dummy.

She really gets to know your baby and writes up a personalised plan for your baby. You get constant support from her if you are unsure what to do when carrying out parts of the plan, or if something unexpected happens. I also couldn’t believe how quickly my son took to the new plan, she definitely knows what she is doing!

So if any parents are struggling with a baby who doesn’t sleep I would highly recommend Rebecca, we have learnt a lot from this experience."
Mum to 14 month old
He's a happier baby...

"My little boy (12 months old) was struggling to go down for naps, and was waking 2-3 times a night for milk feeds. He was barely eating during the day and it’s safe to say I was one tired mummy!

I contacted Becky and she instantly put me at ease and said she may be able to help. We had a consultation and Becky put a plan together and talked me through how to do it. I was pretty nervous about making changes but it’s paid off big time!

The first night my little one was upset for about 20 mins and the plan allowed me to reassure him and calm him down. The following nights he fell asleep on his own quicker and quicker and he slept through the night from day 1! He now falls asleep within 5 mins of being put down, and he’s not upset in the slightest. He’s a happier baby for having a routine and for sleeping solidly through the night. He’s also eating more food in the day as he’s not having milk feeds in the night!

Happy baby- happy mummy!"
Mum of 12 month old
We will be forever grateful...

"My biggest fear about working with a sleep consultant was leaving Macie to “cry it out”, but Rebecca from the start reassured me, made me feel confident about the whole process and our initial consultation was a great way to discuss any worries and concerns before we began.

Rebecca was there every step of the way, she replied to my many emails with the best advice. I never felt I was at fault or I was never made to feel like I was “doing it wrong” if things didn’t go to plan like a nap length or timings.

I was so surprised by how quickly Macie began to sleep through the night and continues to do so a month down the line, especially without a dummy or milk for comfort. She’s eating better too which was another concern we had which has now been rectified. We feel so grateful for Rebecca’s help but also love how kind, calm and supportive she was the whole way through.

I couldn’t recommend Rebecca enough, we will be forever grateful and we have learnt so much as parents."
Connie Simmonds
Author, Podcaster and Mum to 13 month old
100% recommend Rebecca...

"After having 7 months of waking every few hours in the night and having to go in to put our little boys dummy in and settle him he is now able to settle himself and sleeping through the night with no dummy!

Rebecca spent time understanding our routine and made a few changes to it and tailored a sleep training plan for our little boy which he settled into straight away. Rebecca offered constant support throughout the plan and was there to answer any questions we had! Not only is our little boy now sleeping through he also has both of his daytime naps in his cot, I don’t have to take him out for a walk or rock him to get him to sleep!

We would 100% recommend Rebecca, the results from the plan are amazing and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without her, we just wish we’d done it sooner!!"
Mum of 7 month old
As a family we are all sleeping much better...

"We started working with Rebecca as I was due to return to work soon, and would be starting on calls with night shifts etc. At the time, my husband and I were co-sleeping with my daughter, I was feeding to sleep and had multiple night wakes which I didn’t mind doing, but knew this process would be unsustainable once I returned to work. Furthermore we were keen for my daughter to transition out of our room and into her cot in the nursery. After the initial phone consultation with Rebecca, we had a meeting where she explored all our anxieties, reservations and questions. She completely put our minds at ease and helped us develop a plan that was 100% tailored to our needs. It was a big change for all of us, but Rebecca took the time to listen and come up with a collaborative plan that was suited to Saiesha all the way throughout.

The first night was tough I’ll admit, but the plan allowed us to offer comfort as much as we wanted to and after three nights she was sleeping through the night with no night feeds. I can happily say that my little girl is not only sleeping much better, but so much happier for having a routine, is eating better and overall has learnt to sleep independently, which is such an important skill.

Rebecca’s patience and understanding is unparalleled. Throughout the process, I had so many questions, but she answered each one so comprehensively and kindly. She really goes above and beyond for her clients and she really did with us.

I honestly cannot recommend working with Rebecca enough! As a family, we decided teaching Saiesha how to sleep independently was important at this time and having done the plan, as a family we are all sleeping much better and we have Rebecca to thank for that. Rebecca, you have cheerleaders in us for life! Thank you, thank you, thank you x"
Mum of 12 month old
His naps are consistent...

"Working with Rebecca has honestly changed our lives! It's challenging enough as a mum of a 3 year old and a 7 month old, but when you're not getting any sleep its really really tough. When I started working with Rebecca the little one would only nap in the day if rocked and then needed his dummy. It could take an hour to get him to sleep, which was understandably really stressful. My 3 year old had to stay quiet downstairs as anything would disturb the baby. Obviously 3 year olds shouldn't have to be quiet!

Night time it took up to an hour to get the baby to sleep through a lengthy process of rocking, shoving his dummy back in and offering feeds. Then he would sleep for 45 mins in his cot and then he'd be in our bed as wouldn't settle back in his cot. Overnight he'd wake every 2 hours and slept literally in my arms.

My main driver in addition to not getting any sleep was the stress it was causing and the fact that I couldn't spend any time with my 3 year old, or put him to bed. It was really starting to affect my mental health, I couldn't plan any social arrangements in the evening, let alone simply just watch TV with my husband as the baby would wake up. Also if he didn't wake at the 45 mins point I'd just be really anxious about when he would. So when I started working with Rebecca all I wanted was him to be able to nap in his cot and sleep for a few hours in the evening so I could spend time with my husband and put my eldest to bed.

I had a free call with Rebecca initially as I was very sceptical she could help and didn't want to waste her time. She then did a really really thorough consultation. She really got it. I very clearly remember her saying that within 2 weeks he should be sleeping for 10-12 hours a night, which I just laughed at. I was also concerned as the baby was notoriously a terrible feeder, suffering from wind (I'm still breastfeeding and he won't take a bottle). So wasn't sure if he would ever settle because of his wind, but I felt reassured that it was worth a go. So we started on a really gentle plan. I wasn't wanting to leave the baby on his own to cry and that wasn't the case. The first few days were the hardest as we changed a lot of things around.

On night 2, I'm not joking, he slept through the night!! Now we're nearly 3 weeks in, he sleeps through the night and his naps are consistent. He'll usually go to sleep within 5 mins, no dummy, that's gone. And the most amazing thing is that his feeding is great! No wind! He has really lovely feeds. Prior to working with Rebecca feeding was stressful and uncomfortable for both of us and I was waiting to stop. Now he'll snuggle in and we have lovely close skin to skin. The baby is now so so much happier!! He use to cry all the time and I had to carry him round all day. He's so much more settled, except when he's tired when we get a glimpse of what he was like all the time before! If anyone if having any problems with their babies sleeping I would whole heartedly recommend Rebecca. I'm not being dramatic when I say she's literally changed our lives!
Mum of 3 year old and 7 month old

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