Sleep Philosophy

Sleep Matters

Having completed the Sleep Sense™ programme, with my own child, I came to realise just how important sleep is for our little ones. A huge amount of memory consolidation occurs during sleep and I began to feel strongly that a child achieving the sleep they need will thrive and be much happier. A happier child generally equals a happier parent, so my aim as a certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant is to achieve just that!

Your own personalised plan

Every child is unique, and every parent will have their own ways of parenting. When we work together on improving your child’s sleep, we will adapt and personalise the plan to accommodate your parenting style so that you are comfortable with any changes we are making and feel confident in doing so. We will keep in close contact so you can ask me any questions you might have, every step along the journey to getting you all sleeping well again.


compassion & support

I take the responsibility of my role as your sleep consultant very seriously. You are putting your trust in me as a professional, and during our time working together, I aim to deliver a caring and supportive service while guiding you towards achieving your sleep goals gently and quickly.

Lets get your whole family sleeping again so you can all feel healthier and happier!