Looking for something unique for a baby shower? A gift for the new proud parents? Or simply for yourself in readiness of your new arrival? Then the Sleepytime Guides are for you.

Covering a vast array of topics not just with your little one’s sleep, our SOS: Parent Hacks Guide will give you a helping hand with any challenging toddler behaviours during the daytime.

Food glorious food! An exciting and fun time, our Weaning Guide provides a fully comprehensive insight into the world of discovering new tastes and textures, as well as how to deliver a balanced diet and introduce allergens to your baby.

Potty training can be a major cause of parental anxiety, not knowing when to start, recognising when your child is ready and how to actually get started! The Sleepytime Potty Training Guide breaks it down into a step by step guide so you can identify when your child is ready and what signs to look out for.


Newborn Sleep guide

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0 - 12 Weeks

This is not a sleep training package but provides you with some good sleep “hygiene” tips. This will include learning about normal healthy sleep patterns for a baby in their first few months of life, how to prevent overtiredness and  overstimulation and guidance on naps. This guide will encourage you to have the newborn cuddles that every parent should enjoy, while giving you the confidence to establish healthy sleeping habits for your baby.



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0 - 3 Years

This is your essential guide to understanding better nap and sleep times for your little one. Lots of people ask about nap times and how they change as your baby develops. This guide is designed to give you lots of information, along with examples of napping schedules, plus handy tips which will be helpful when settling your baby. This is the perfect follow on to the successful Sleepytime Newborn Sleep Guide. 



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6 months +

Throughout this guide you will learn how to assist your little one to sleep longer into the mornings, enabling you all to get more and better quality sleep. The Early Wake Up Guide is designed to support you and your child with those early wake ups before 6am. The tips in this guide are most suitable for babies and children that have learned to settle themselves at bed and nap times, as well as sleeping through the night.  

The Sleep Guide Bundle

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SOS: Parenting Hacks

It can be challenging at times, yet somehow, we're expected to know what to do...

Potty Training Guide

Not knowing when to start? Recognising when your child is ready and how to actually get started!

The Weaning Guide

An incredibly exciting time for baby's development as new tastes and textures await for the first time.

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