Weaning Guide

The Weaning Guide

This download guide gives you the knowledge and confidence needed to start the weaning process. Covering a wide range topics including,

  • When baby is ready to wean?
  • Introducing methods
  • Finger foods
  • Combining ingredients
  • Introducing allergens
  • Foods to avoid
  • Key nutrients

The process of weaning describes introducing your baby to solid foods, as opposed to ‘weaning’ them off milk. Therefore, a better way to describe weaning is by calling it complementary feeding, where solid foods are introduced alongside milk, instead of replacing it. From around six months of age, your baby starts to require extra nutrients such as iron and zinc from solid foods, however the bulk of their nutrition at this age still come from their milk. The aim of the weaning process is to build your baby up to consuming a similar diet to the rest of the family, by gradually increasing the amount, texture and variety of foods.

We hope this guide gives you the knowledge and confident needed to start the amazing and wonderful process, and, if you’re not really excited about it, that’s ok too!

Written by expert nutritional therapist Yasmin Alexander who will give you the tools needed to start this exciting and fun journey.