Creating a nursery for baby.

Setting up a nursery for a new arrival can be really exciting, and also pretty daunting if it’s your first time! You may be thinking about how you can make it pleasing to the eye but you also need to think about it functionally and practically to make sure you have everything set up the way you want it. 

Here are our top tips for setting up the nursery from the view of a Sleepytime Sleep Consultant (and also parents!)

  • Keep It Simple

Simple decor means less distraction, and less distraction means better sleep! You don’t want the nursery too busy or it can be over-stimulating. We don’t recommend the use of cot mobiles for this reason. 

  • Adaptable Decor

You will also want adaptable decor. Don’t go too heavy on a theme as their interests will change and you don’t want to have to spend loads on redecorating. Go with more neutral and versatile colours and you can change the theme with accessories. Wall decals can also easily change a theme (but don’t put these near the cot!). 

  • Blackout Blinds

These are a must! Blackout blinds or curtains on their own often aren’t enough as light can creep around the edges. You might need to combine them both or invest in some travel blackout blinds that use suction cups on the window. This will also mean you have travel blackout blinds ready for trips away visiting friends/family or when going on holiday. 

  • Fix those squeaky doors/floorboards

The last thing you want or need when you are trying to get your baby to sleep is squeaky doors or floorboards! Find your WD40 and get on those hinges!

  • Safety First

The Lullaby Trust do not recommend the use of cot bumpers or sleeping pods/nests. They can increase the risk of SIDS. Check out the Lullaby Trust website for more information.

  • Storage

You are going to want some good storage in the nursery. Babies seem to come with a lot of “stuff” and having somewhere to put this will really help. When they get older, this will be great for toys and/or clothing. 

  • light/lamp

Use a side lamp rather than the main light where possible. If you need to feed/nurse in the nursery then use a dim lamp with an orange or red glow. 

We hope these top tips help! It would be great to share with expectant parents.

Happy decorating!

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