Dreading Bedtime? Frequent Night Wakes? Nap Struggles?

Exhausted? Child Won't Sleep? Dreading Bedtime? Frequent Night Wakes? Nap Struggles?

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Learn the tools to help your little one to sleep well, so the whole family can feel happier and well rested.

Why use Sleepytime?

Getting enough sleep has always been a priority of mine, but boy did I struggle as a new parent; I felt like the walking dead!

So often we hear sleep deprivation being joked about, especially when you are a new parent. However, the negative effects of sleep deprivation really are SERIOUS. From mental health to physical health, you name it, sleep underpins everything about our wellbeing.

It makes me so sad to hear of parents struggling on with difficult bedtimes or broken sleep, because they feel like asking for help will be a failure on their part. It doesn’t have to be this way!

You may be feeling that sleep training carries with it some stigma due to previous out-dated methods such as “cry it out”?


Well, I’d like to reassure you that you DON’T need to leave your child alone to “cry it out”. We focus on responsive parenting and you supporting your child fully in learning their new sleep skills. You will start to achieve results in as little as a few days!

You may feel like you have tried EVERYTHING or feel skeptical about this working? Most parents say the same before they come to us! The difference working with us is, you’ll have the back up support of a sleep expert all the way and we won’t leave you until you have reached your sleep goals! 

We are so confident of this that if in the extremely rare occasion we haven’t met your sleep goals by the end of your sleep package, we will extend the time of your support at no additional cost until we do!

Having learned just how important sleep is for children’s development, we are passionate about helping you achieve the best sleep for your child so they can thrive, grow and develop to their best potential.

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